Gratefully Cleansing KitDuring this time, we know that many are experiencing emotions of #fear, #anxiety, #boredom, #separation, inefficiency and even #grief.  But, how do we, Space of Gratitude, spread gratefulness in this time of calamity?  We don't want to sell or convince our tribe of buying anything we know they don't need. We want to continue to send out our message of #GRATITUDE. We want to send out #comfort, positivity and #healing powers and covering throughout the #world.  We have prayed and brought together some our favorite products in a "Gratefully Cleansing Kit" available for a limited time for $40. We would like to donate a portion of the proceeds to someone in need.  So if you are in need, please DM us. Through the sales of the "Gratefully Cleansing Kit" we are able to brighten and lift a load in someone's life. #john14v27 Link in Bio or SHOP our Online Store

Gratefully Cleansing Kit

  • This Gratefully Cleansing Kit is an intentional package to bring gratefulness, mindfulness & body clarifying during times needed comfort, reflection, and relaxation.

    Cleansing Kit Includes:

    Palo Santo Stick

    Bundle of Sage

    Clarity Body Scrub

    Ginger & Honey Lip balm

    Shea Butter Body Balm

    Hair & Body Elixir Oil

    Himalayan Salt  Stone Soak  

  • Gratitude Wristband may vary in style per order

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