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T-minus 5 Days

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

Steps to preparing and sharing my space of gratitude with you!

As the time is approaching for the launch of Space of Gratitude, I reflect on the time and detail I have put into birthing this passion of mine. My focus has been in 3 main areas; Product & Quality, Delivery and Presentation, and lastly; Growth and Awareness.

Product & Quality

As an expert in health and wellness, I have hand-selected products that has created balance in my life and others to share with you. Many ask for my wellness and beauty advise (secrets), now I'm happy to start sharing them through Space of Gratitude. My goal and vision is to ensure each product is high in efficacy, and creates solutions in your life. From wearing clothing with a positive message to meditation singing bowls, I know that incorporating these items in your space will spread gratefulness around you. The products I have selected are environmentally friendly, and when hand-crafted by me, have the highest grade of ingredients.

Delivery & Presentation

I have made the dedication to inspect and deliver each product you receive to ensure it arrives to you with conscience packaging and personalized. Each purchase will arrive with a hand written thank you and a gift enclosed. Whether you have selected the two or three day shipping, I have priced items competitively, so that you would not have to wait long to receive your items. My goal is for you to unwrap your purchase, like a true gift from a friend. I hope that you receive your product with great expectation, warm thoughts, and splendor.

Growth & Awareness

My goal for space of gratitude, is to promote individual growth and awareness for living a life of gratitude to all that purchase products. My goal is to inspire you and for you to inspire those you encounter with this foundation of gratefulness. With Gratitude, I believe you will be in a better mental space to take care of yourself and others. #selflove #givelove Expressing gratitude is a concept that we can grasp individually and it's a concept that no one can take away. Let's exemplify gratitude and experience this awesome feeling.

Thank you for allowing me to serve you in your area of growth, balance, and gratefulness. I look forward us sharing this journey.

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