Positivity Crystal Charge Candle | Healing Crystal Candle

Positivity Crystal Charge Candle

  • An invigorating blend of premium all natural-soy wax fragranced with black raspberry , dark plum and vanilla; topped with rose quartz crystal and dalmatian jasper stone with inclusions of black tourmaline, our positivity crystal candle blocks all negativity and creates a positive and joyous frequency that helps to focus on gratitude and thankfulness. Rose quartz, the stone of unconditional love, has a powerful but gentle energy that soothes a space and emits a soft healing vibration. Dalmatian jasper has a wonderful energy that promotes happiness. The black tourmaline inclusions help to cleanse and purify the aura. Ideal for use in meditation and healing practices. Perfect gift for any occasion. Hand-made in Canada, with great passion and care, with a total burn time of 30+ hours. Make our diverse range of hand-poured, 100% natural crystal candles, a part of your store's collection to entice your customers! Sold: per piece.

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